Plymouth Procedure

Alternative to Fenton's Procedure


What is the difference between Fenton’s procedure and The Plymouth Procedure

Fentons Procedure is a procedure widely used to correct narrowing of the vaginal opening resulting from a variety of conditions,including Lichen Sclerosus or scarring after childbirth.Unfortunately Fenton's operation is by no means always successful.

The operation which I developed in 2005 with my colleague Mr.Rob Morris,consultant Plastic Surgeon,is based upon techniques developed by plastic surgeons for dealing with skin contractures, normally following burns injuries. It has proved remarkably successful and has been reported at national and international scientific meetings.

It is indicated for a variety of conditions which cause narrowing or splitting of the skin including:

  • Failed Fenton’s Procedure.
  • Distortion following childbirth/episiotomy repair.
  • Lichen sclerosus.
  • Congenital skin flap.

The operation takes about 30-40 minutes, under general or local anaesthetic, as a day case procedure. It is wise to take a week or two off post-operatively to aid healing.

All the stitches dissolve, and healing usually takes about two to four weeks to complete.


N.B. I have now retired from active clinical practice and am therefore not able to see patients to perform the operation myself.I have included this section on my website as I still receive frequent enquiries about the Plymouth Procedure.I am happy to be contacted to discuss questions from doctors or patients who would like to know more.